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20-000-014 Prototyping/Experimental kit MINI-USB Receptacle
•1.14” x 0.75" x 0.57" board with MINI-USB Receptacle (Shielded) used for electrical connections to solderless breadboard or printed circuit board. Fits 0.300” spacing and has total of 10 pins. Fits a 14 DIP socket or be modified to fit an 8 DIP socket. Use this to program microcontrollers, monitor circuits, or interfacing needs.
•Kit contains one printed circuit board, one MINI-USB Receptacle, and two Molex .100 K.K. Connectors. Requires assembly and soldering. Tools required: Soldering Iron, Pliers, Cutters and Solder. Please download and read instructions for assembly of the kit.
•1 year warranty
Weight: 0.0 lb. 0.96 oz
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 0.0 lb. 5 oz
Assembled in U.S.A.
Assembly Instructions
Part Number: 20-000-014
Name: Prototyping/Experimental kit MINI-USB Receptacle
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